4th HT&SE Conference Expo :- Date : September 28th-30th, 2023 Venue : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India
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Opportunity to MSME Industries

We are pleased to inform you that  the event “ 4th HT & SE Conference and Exhibition 2023, Chennai Trade Centre, CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU which is to be organized from 28th September – 2023 to 30th September – 2023  has been granted Administrative Approval, on 5(A), component of PMS,  which is available in the portal:  


The MSEs can apply online by visiting :
 https://my.msme.gov.in/MyMsme/Reg/COM_MatuDomAppForm.aspx after booking the stall with the HTSE 2023 Organisers. 

Please note that Application after the closing date mentioned in the portal cannot be uploaded.  The scheme facility will be extended to 60 nos of applicants and beyond that system will not allow to submit the application.

Post exhibition: 
Organiser are hereby requested to intimate stall holders to submit online claim form in the above portal within 30 days after completion of the event. Also Applicant submit the hard copies of the application with annexure C and D available at link :
https://dcmsme.gov.in/OM%20&%20PMS%20Scheme%20Guidelines.pdf along with all the documents (one original and two Xerox copies) mentioned in that for processing of claims.   

The approved Stall holder shall also submit a feedback form (attached) with a softcopy of the Owner Photo (one)and company photos (three nos) to be emailed to ID :    dcdi-chennai@dcmsme.gov.in and  pms.dfochennai@gmail.com,  after the event. 


Assistant Director (PMS)
MSME DFO, Chennai
Mob: 9438175051

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